Anne Gathmann, Antonia Low

Zu Beginn, ein sich senkender Türknauf

12. Januar – 16. März 2016


Space (Continuation and End)

I would like there to exist places that are stable, unmoving, intangible, untouched and almost untouchable, unchanging, deep-rooted; places that might be points of reference, of departure, of origin:

My birthplace, the cradle of my family, the house where I may have been born, the tree I may have seen grow (that my father may have planted the day I was born), the attic of my childhood filled with intact memories …

Such places don’t exist, and it’s because they don’t exist that space becomes a question, ceases to be self-evident, ceases to be incorporated, ceases to be appropriated. Space is a doubt: I have constantly to mark it, to designate it. It’s never mine, never given to me, I have to conquer it.

My spaces are fragile: time is going to wear them away, to destroy them. Nothing will any longer resemble what was, my memories will betray me, oblivion will infiltrate my memory, I shall look at a few old yellowing photographs with broken edges without recognizing them. (…)

Space melts like sand running through one’s fingers. Time bears it away and leaves me only shapeless shreds:

To write: to try meticulously to retain something, to cause something to survive; to wrest a few precise scraps from the void as it grows, to leave somewhere a furrow, a trace, a mark or a few signs.

(Georges Perec: Species of Spaces and Other Pieces, Penguin Classics, London 2008, p.91-92)

Anne Gathmann and Antonia Low will collaborate as well as work individually to newly interpret the two exhibition spaces reserved for Fine Arts. They create spatial insights and suggest a site specific approach with space-filling impact through small gestures.

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