Bild: Ulrike Mohr, KUNSTHAL 44, MØEN, Denmark, 2018

Ulrike Mohr

Carbon Geometry

Opening: Tuesday, April 23, 2024 | 6 pm, Exhibition duration: until July 1, 2024

Ulrike Mohr revives the almost forgotten cultural technique of charcoal burning, which once provided the raw material for metalworking and glass production. The craft also preserves the wood itself as a material. The artist experiments with it in nature: the “largest studio in the world”. Here she finds both the raw material wood and the necessary space for the charcoal burning process.

Mohr emphasizes the charcoal and charcoal obtained as the basis of her artworks and at the same time explores their composition and creation. In this way, she combines traditional craftsmanship, nature and contemporary art. Her “spatial drawings” stand as installations in the room or are presented in a reduced form as artifacts.