Filmstill: Tubs, Sven Boeck, 2020

Short Films Sven Boeck

Sven Boeck was born in Berlin in 1965. After training as a mechanic and working as a camera assistant, assistant director and editor for GDR television, Sven Boeck studied directing at an external technical college from 1987. In 1990, together with other partners from the media industry, he founded the company KOPPFILM, of which he was managing director until 2010. After retraining as a tax clerk, he has worked at the satirical magazine Eulenspiegel as managing director and publishing director since 2015.

SMV 8.5, 2022, length: 11:24

The Selective Microvoltmeter is a receiver and measuring device for high-frequency signals. As a mechanic apprentice at VEB Messelektronik I assembled devices like this one. I bought one on eBay at the beginning of the year. With pictures from the device and sounds received from it, I remember my time as a mechanic.

Advice: Christina Schmidt

Stopmotion 1985, 1985/2020 Length: 1:53

A find while dubbing old film material. This attempt from 1985 on 16mm film with a Russian Krasnogorsk camera is damaged by light at the mirror aperture. The film reel remained uncut at my place, so unlike my completed early experimental works, it did not go to waste when Koppfilm was liquidated. The music is by Hans Schanderl (www.hansschanderl.de).

Tubes, 2020 Length: 5:33

A local history walk along heating pipes in Berlin. Aerial shots via Google Earth Pro, music: Hans Schanderl, consulting: Christina Schmidt, David Jeremy Achilles.

Driving a car GDR 1988, 2019 Length: 7:16

Material from my video installation for the exhibition “Memo Abacus” in May 2019 in Berlin. The photos were taken by me in 1988. The traffic moves past us endlessly, the drivers move from light to dark.

OSTKREUZ – Susanne no longer lives here, 2022, length: 12:16

I’ve known the area around Ostkreuz station for a long time. When we moved there at the end of 2019 with the satirical magazine “Eulenspiegel” (for which I work), I remembered the story I wrote about Susanne and this area thirty years earlier. Susanne no longer lives here, but in a dream I met her again when she visited the place of her childhood. Author, camera and direction: Sven Boeck, editing: Jürgen Winkelblech

LENINGRAD – The Pictures Shine with Certainty of Victory, 2020, length: 5:17

A few dozen slides (one from Volgograd), a tourist’s souvenir purchase in the seventies, the colours bleached at the edges by chemical vapours, superimposed by me they begin to glow in surreal colours. Is that still socialist realism? Music: Hans Schanderl www.hansschanderl.de

Wall, 2020 Length: 4:55

Thoughts at the Berlin Wall memorial. Advice: Christina Schmidt, marine images from aboard the MV Ocean Viking in the central Mediterranean, (c) Flavio Gasperini/ SOS MEDITERRANEE and from www.pexels.com