Picture: Susanne Britz, 2023

Susanne Britz


The exhibition CIRCUIT by Susanne Britz opens on November 28, 2023 at 6 pm and shows her commentary on the place until February 6, 2024.

The starting point of Susanne Britz’s transformative works are everyday objects from genuinely non-artistic areas of life, such as laundry racks, dish mats, circuit diagrams and stencils, drainpipes and gymnastics tapes, old and new, unique and mass-produced.

These objects from Britz’s heterogeneous pool of materials become the primary means of design in her works, which are usually developed in relation to the space and process and thus enter into a relationship with the surrounding space.

In this sense, Susanne Britz is not interested in the individual object as such, but in its interplay in a network of relationships, which the artist creates in different ways depending on the medium.

By integrating each individual component into a symbolic overall structure, the latter undergoes a revaluation. Thus alienated, the view shifts from the individual to the whole. Britz transforms our increasingly complex, artificial and fragmented everyday reality with a smile into laboratory-like experimental arrangements that appear both strange and familiar at the same time.