Sophie Hamacher


Love Song on Liberty Crossing

2017, 11 minutes, 16:9, Color, Stereo

The Staten Island Ferry becomes a place of contemplation during my final three months of gestation. Reflecting on pregnancy and oncoming motherhood, my commute through the New York Bay becomes a personal topography of an in-between: between two continents, two cities, two languages, and two states of being – individual and mother. Love Song on Liberty Crossing is a letter to my unborn child that interweaves my own footage with archival material and found sound.

Night Bus

A film by Sophie Hamacher, Sarah Stein Kerr and Tessa Rex
2015, 13 minutes, 16:9, Color, Stereo

A lyrical assembly of sounds and images portrays the experiences of workers traversing New York City on the night bus. In their nocturnal journey, the concepts in Jonathan Crary’s 24/7: Late Capitalism and the Ends of Sleep, are invested with the immediacy of sensation as reflections slipping across dark windows, coins pouring in the till, moaning air brakes, squealing hinges, and the low hum of motors merge with apparitions emerging from the inky blackness of the city.

Appearing only as hazy reflections through weathered windows, the characters reflect, in voices heavy with fatigue, on the work behind or ahead of them. These meandering narratives of solitude and sleeplessness give voice to the lived experience of the 24-hour economy.

Debt Tide

2013, 7 minutes, 16:9, Super8 transferred to HD, Color, Stereo

Four young women explore a coastal landscape. Their carefree wanderings are intermittently interrupted by radio voices reiterating the realities of the financial crash. As a celebration of youth and friendship, this short film is also a fragmented meditation on debt and a playful reflection of innocent rebellion.

The soundtrack includes snippets from radio broadcasts, atmospheric recordings and excerpts from a reading of Joseph Conrad’s Karain: A Memory.