Sonya Schönberger


(“…) The Volkspark Prenzlauer Berg is one of Berlin’s 14 piles of rubble. In those historic sites Schönberger also researched for her work “641 objects without qualities”. Together with artist Christof Zwiener Schönberger collected fragments and shards of everyday objects which found their way through the mountains of rubble and debris of war to the surface in those parks. Within the exhibition “Scherben” in the Berlin Museum of Things (2013-2014) Sonya Schönberger met the “thing expert” Michael Engelke. In the video Michael (2014), Engelke situates selected pieces and objects and explains their original function. He connects each object to its history and gives the fragments a possible provenance. They are to memory fragments that allow the viewer an immediate access to recent German cultural history.” (Silke Wittig, nbk, 2015)