PoDo – Performance Art Festival at studio im Hochhaus
September 1 – 8, 2023

In performance art, practices can be grouped that do not quite fit into other genres. Therefore, each artist’s practice is unique and has its own goals and priorities.
Moreover, performance art often involves risk-taking, both in terms of the artistic risks, both in terms of artistic choices and the physical demands of the performance requirements themselves. Risk and “care” can, at their best, lead to powerful and transformative experiences for both the actors and the audience.
September 1-8, 2023, the “studio im Hochhaus” will once again showcase contemporary performance
art developed by local and international artists for this event and location.
We are particularly looking forward to the studio im Hochhaus, because it offers interesting and challenging framework conditions, especially in the interplay of indoor and outdoor space.
There will be a close collaboration with Grüntaler9 in Wedding, the respective formats (workshops, discussion rounds, etc.) will be distributed between the two locations.

Lan Hung (Taiwan/Germany), Myriam Laplante (Canada/Italy), Sylvie Tourangeau
(Canada), Boris Nieslony (Germany), Aleks Slota (Poland/Germany), Marta Bosowska
(Poland), and others

Anja Ibsch, who is curating here again, is collaborating with Adri Disman this time. Both place
particular importance to create spaces of exchange and encounter, which since the beginning of the
COVID-19 pandemic are significantly less available. They are keen to encourage the willingness to take risks and to experiment on the part of the artists they invite.