9. June to 18. August

GOLDT: Ready to Ride the Tiger

Videos 2005-2021 / 17 minutes

portrait of a young woman AT/DE/NZ 2005, Colour, Music: pumice, 3 min.

What is then consummated in harmony with an acoustic guitar is a kind of Doctrine of Affects for the female body, conveyed by means of colors and their vitally switching values to create an organic form. At some point red suddenly breaks out of the grid, threatening to overpower everything else. Remaining the same and changing at the same time. (Marc Ries)

i deeply regret DE/AT 2008, Colour, Voice: Maria Garcia Rojo, 2 min.

The videois about a failed chance of revenge and satisfaction. My video shows the attempt to liberate oneself from the victim’s role by a fantasy of self-empowerment. In other words: After a long, long time someone fights back, while humming the theme song from Rocky.

spot on – spot off: UGANDA DE/A T 2009, Colour, Voice: Maria Garcia Rojo, 5 min.

The world in the living room. One sees the projected freeze frame of a comfortable leather fauteauil next to a side table and newspapers, whilst a female voice talks about the political affairs of the Central African Republic. Coltan, the treasured resouce, which is needed to produce mobile phones and which leads to warlike conflicts in the area, is also discussed. „We can not watch it anymore“, says the voice. Karø Goldt’s work distinguishes itself through its absence of (war) images. (Diagonale 2011)

FEMICIDE DE/USA 2020, Colour, Music: Timothy Shearer, 6 min.

This video is on killing of women by men with close relationships to their victims. It is difficult to do an experimental film on this issue, but the circumstance of the many dead women in Germany is to be spread.

Ready to Ride the Tiger DE/USA 2021, Colour, Music: Timothy Shearer, 1 ½ min.

The show, the trailer was made for, is over. I liked the trailer, now useless. I wrote a little and ironic poem and did the video again….now called ” Riding the Tiger”, which means to lose the “Angst”.

Karø Goldt *1967 lives and works in Berlin.
Goldt has been working with the medium of artistic photography since 1993 and with the medium of experimental cinema since 2001. Goldt’s video works are animated from digital and analog photographs. In the videos she works in close exchange with different musicians.