In the Centre of one’s own Periphery


Picture: Emma W. Howes, Im Zentrum der eigenen Peripherie, 2019 (Foto: Uwe Jonas)

In the Centre of one’s own Periphery

Six Performances 2020

Since 2018 the artist Anja Ibsch and the curator Teena Lange have curated and realised a series of 12 performances, specifically developed for the communal gallery studio im HOCHHAUS. The series will be continued in 2020 with six further extraordinary artists.

When you move in the centre of your own periphery you focus on the distance to your own self. Thus, not every act, not every (performative) gesture has to focus on the self. The invited artists are asked to deal with this perspective in performance-as-art, taking into account the specific location, topicality and history of the studio im HOCHHAUS.

A discourse evolves about (not) happening, (not) seen acts.

What is at core, what is in_adequate and where does the periphery actually begin?

As in 2018 and 2019, the subsequent joint reflection, the Artist Talk, will be an essential component of the programme. The gallery space could and will always be left peripherally.

There will be moderated discussions with the artists after the performances, always Tuesdays at 7pm

With the kind support of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe and the Exhibition Fund Municipal Galleries


#1 Dienstag, 17. März 2020 Anaïs Héraud-Louisadat

Anaïs Héraud-Louisadat develops her artistic work between performance and visual arts. The performance „Winter Sleep of Storks“ is part of her research project „Stork migrations“. It combines narration with film as an aesthetic experience in the process of creating a growing image. In 1822 a stork was caught in Mecklenburg with an arrow stuck in its neck. This arrow came from the African continent and was now regarded as proof for the theory of bird migration. Previously, it was assumed in Europe that storks were not migratory birds, but would be hibernating under the ground or under water. However, not all of them came back and so it was discussed what happened to those who did not wake up with the first sunrays.


Künstler*innen erstes Halbjahr:

17. März 2020 – Anaïs Héraud-Louisadat

19. Mai 2020 – Alastair MacLennan

23. Juni 2020 – Balz Isler

Künstler*innen zweites Halbjahr:

Tiara Roxanne, Jana Prepeluh, Margaret Dragu