Doris Schmid / Jürgen Palmtag

February to April 2017


There is no secret
Where does narrative start and where does it end? A reworked horror film, with layers and cut outs;
onto which had been projected, simultaneous appropriation and alienation of pictorial material. How
pictures, painted over with the remainders of the previous image and remnants of time, contradict
linear time. Within this approach, a combination of numerous time lapses.
A notion of being pursued is central: A woman and her double, the performer. She imitates and
repeats the actions of the protagonist and sets in train an interplay between the filmic image and
performance. Settings are the nightly scenarios: Deserted streets and landscapes, a hotel room and a
church with organ.

Video, DE 2015 / 20 min / PAL 4:3 / Stereo
Doris Schmid / Jürgen Palmtag
Bild: Doris Schmid / Musik: Jürgen Palmtag
2. Kamera: Markus Otto / Performance: Fabienne Gallina-Baron