poetry\\\sound 2021. Lyrik und Elektronische Musik

In the Centre od one’s own Periphery. Five Performances 2021

Leben im Quadrat. Eine Fimreihe kuratiert von Florian Wüst



Laura Engelhardt

BAUANGRIFF, 7‘20 min., 2015

The short essay documentary 突击建房 – Construction Assault examines the building and demolition cycles in Beijing’s periphery. It draws upon the phenomena of ‘tuji jianfang’ (construction assault), a local building practice in which houses get built just to be demolished. The film shifts between the vast and continuously changing outskirts of Beijing and the advertising screens of the city centre.


HOME ON DISPLAY, 14 min., 2014

in cooperation with Nina Gschlößl

Home on Display examines the construction of homes for China’s New Rich: a contemplation on the desire and search for an ideal home and the growing commercialisation of this process.



Over the course of 2 years, I film from the window of my flat in Berlin Alt-Treptow the view of our courtyard. I document the construction process of a new residential building and daily scenes amidst Berlin‘s urban development and displacement.

The documentary images are superimposed by a text collage which is inspired by the biography of my neighbour. She was born in the house from which I film in 1964, when Alt-Treptow still belonged to the former GDR.

A filmic narration of urban and bodily conditions.



Entrance and Exit of Mascha B. follows a young woman through a digital transformation process.

In the premises of a big architectural visualization company, delicate operations give rise to a promotional image: Mascha B. gets 3D-scanned, processed and retouched digitally. A virtual office room is furnished and inhabited by Mascha B. and digital colleagues. The final rendering process is accompanied by the aria from the 1881 fantastic opera „The Tales of Hoffmann“, in which the hero hopelessly falls in love with the mechanical puppet Olympia.

Laura Engelhardt (born 1988 in Bremen) studied Architecture and Fine Arts in London, Stuttgart and Berlin and is currently completing the postgraduate program in film at the Academy for Media Arts Cologne. Her films examine built and imagined architectures, urban spaces and the fragile relation between the human body and its environment. Her work is shown internationally in exhibitions and festivals, her short film Bauangriff has been awarded several prices. Laura lives and works as a filmmaker and artist in Cologne and Berlin.


In the Centre of one’s own Periphery


Picture: Emma W. Howes, Im Zentrum der eigenen Peripherie, 2019 (Foto: Uwe Jonas)

In the Centre of one’s own Periphery

Six Performances 2020

Since 2018 the artist Anja Ibsch and the curator Teena Lange have curated and realised a series of 12 performances, specifically developed for the communal gallery studio im HOCHHAUS. The series will be continued in 2020 with six further extraordinary artists.

When you move in the centre of your own periphery you focus on the distance to your own self. Thus, not every act, not every (performative) gesture has to focus on the self. The invited artists are asked to deal with this perspective in performance-as-art, taking into account the specific location, topicality and history of the studio im HOCHHAUS.

A discourse evolves about (not) happening, (not) seen acts.

What is at core, what is in_adequate and where does the periphery actually begin?

As in 2018 and 2019, the subsequent joint reflection, the Artist Talk, will be an essential component of the programme. The gallery space could and will always be left peripherally.

There will be moderated discussions with the artists after the performances, always Tuesdays at 7pm

With the kind support of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe and the Exhibition Fund Municipal Galleries


#1 Dienstag, 17. März 2020 Anaïs Héraud-Louisadat

Anaïs Héraud-Louisadat develops her artistic work between performance and visual arts. The performance „Winter Sleep of Storks“ is part of her research project „Stork migrations“. It combines narration with film as an aesthetic experience in the process of creating a growing image. In 1822 a stork was caught in Mecklenburg with an arrow stuck in its neck. This arrow came from the African continent and was now regarded as proof for the theory of bird migration. Previously, it was assumed in Europe that storks were not migratory birds, but would be hibernating under the ground or under water. However, not all of them came back and so it was discussed what happened to those who did not wake up with the first sunrays.


Künstler*innen erstes Halbjahr:

17. März 2020 – Anaïs Héraud-Louisadat

19. Mai 2020 – Alastair MacLennan

23. Juni 2020 – Balz Isler

Künstler*innen zweites Halbjahr:

Tiara Roxanne, Jana Prepeluh, Margaret Dragu



Sonntag, 1. September 2019


poetry\\\sound #9

Zeitgenössische Lyrik und Elektronische Musik

im Wohnzimmerformat

Sonntag, 1. September 2019

Lesung: Moritz Gause
aus “Meditationen hinterm Supermarkt” + unveröffentlichte Gedichte
https://fliegenfangen.wordpress.com/ Leseprobe: https://bit.ly/2FzNPTn

Konzert: Sonae
“Music For People Who Shave Their Heads: Preview, Deconstruct”
sonaemusic.net | soundcloud.com/sonae

Beginn: 16:00 Uhr


Performance im Hochhaus II 22.– 24. August 2019


Foto: Hori Izhaki Foto Thomas Reul

Performance at the Hochhaus 2

22.– 24. August 2019
Donnerstag ab 19.00 Uhr
Freitag ab 18.00 Uhr
Samstag ab 16.00 Uhr

Kuratiert von Anja Ibsch und Jörn Burmester Wium
Mit Performances von Marita Bullmann (Essen), Jörn Burmester Wium (Kopenhagen/Berlin), Adriana Disman (London, Montreal), Anja Ibsch (Berlin), Hori Izhaki (Tel Aviv, Berlin), Thomas Reul (Köln), Lutz Streun (Berlin) und Ilka Theurich (Hannover).

IMG_8486 IMG_8499 IMG_8502 IMG_8515 IMG_8518 IMG_8528 IMG_8573 IMG_8584 IMG_8600 IMG_8609 IMG_8642 IMG_8702 IMG_8708 IMG_8785 IMG_8797 IMG_8823 IMG_8824 IMG_8832 IMG_8837 IMG_8852 IMG_8866


In the Center of one’s own Periphery


Foto: M. Slawig

In the Center of one’s own Periphery

Six Performances, 2019

Curated by Anja Ibsch and Teena Lange

After a successful first year of the performance series at the communal gallery studio in the HOCHHAUS, Anja Ibsch and Teena Lange once again invite six artists who work performatively and time-based. Not every act has to be self-acting; one can also act about oneself with a certain distance. Especially if something expected is not performed. As humans we can distinguish between actions that we perform or omit. Time, place and intention often play their own roles in relation to each other. Why does it make sense to talk about omitted actions? What is at core, what is in_adequate and what is the periphery supposed to be?

There will be moderated discussions with the artists after the performances. The gallery space could be left peripherally.

Always Tuesdays at 7pm

#5  29. Oktober 2019

Performance as art is subject and method in work and research. Essential ideas and elements are vivid processes as collaborative processes between human and non-human bodies, material, environment and technology, actor and spectator. Horizon of the work as an artist is the question for processes of artistic decision and the confrontation with aesthetics in the emergence. For almost 20 years, Florian Feigl has developed, presented and published performances, time-, material-, process-oriented works, lectures and essays, videos, curatorial practice, research and teaching.


03. Dezember 2019 – Emma W. Howes




Performance im HOCHHAUS

17th to 22th of november



Donnerstag 17.11.
Ab 16 Uhr: Coming together, Filmprogramm und offene Diskussion zum Auftakt

all3 all1 all4

Freitag 18.11.
Ab 16 Uhr: Durational Performances von Frank Homeyer, Florian Feigl, Lan Hungh.

homeyer2 homeyer1 feigl3 feigl1

lan3 lan2 lan1

Samstag 19.11.
Ab 16 Uhr: Durational Performances von Lan Hungh, Ilya Noé und Adrian Brun.

lan4 brunnoe6 brunnoe5 brunnoe4

brunnoe3 brunnoe2

Abendprogramm ab 19 Uhr: Performances von Frank Homeyer, Aleks Slota, Lan Hungh, Nathalie Mba Bokoro, Florian Feigl.

homeyer3 bikoro2 bikoro1 feigl4

Sonntag 20.11.
Ab 16 Uhr: Durational Performances von Jörn J. Burmester und Ilya Noé, Nathalie Mba Bokoro, Lan Hungh.

burmenoe1 burmenoe2 burmenoe3 burmenoe4

Montag 21.11.
Ab 16 Uhr: Durational Performances von Anja Ibsch, Joy  Harder, Lan Hungh.

ibsch1 ibsch2 ibsch3 hader1

Dienstag 22.11.
Ab 16 Uhr: Durational Performances von Lan Hungh.


Abendprogramm ab 19 Uhr: Performances von Anja Ibsch, Ilya Noé, Adrian Brun, Joy Harder, Jörn J. Burmester.

ibsch5 ibsch4 burmester2 burmester3 burmester1